Mister Maurice 2021 - Jean-Laurent DAVID

Jean - Laurent is passionate about health and fitness; he is a certified fitness trainer, nutrition coach from the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (France), and he has recently been an accredited Sports Massage Practitioner after pursuing a 2 - year diploma. He has been into sports since his young age and throughout the years he started developing an interest in fitness and nutrition.

Aged 29 years old, the young man embraces life to t he fullest and never stop improving his skills and knowledge in his fields of expertise. He finds his purpose in helping people achieve their full potential, gets strong, athletic, and live a healthy lifestyle. His philosophy of fitness: look good, feel go od, move well.

Down to earth and ambitious he loves spending time outside: trail running and hiking; moreover, he wishes to raise awareness around environmental pollution and often participates in ‘ clean up ’ operations in certain areas of the island.

He has also had the opportunity to work with ENL Group and its project ‘APRANN’ which is an Employment Fast Lane for vulnerable young people, helping teenagers build their confidence and access the professional world with all the tools they need.

His motto in life: seize every opportunity and make it great.